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You can count on Philip Ratté CPA. Our multidisciplinary team of Chartered Professional Accountants and tax specialists is available to assist your business during each phase of its development. Contact us today to speak with one of our team representatives.  

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Philip Ratté CPA is synonymous with the kind of personalized support that helps small- and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs seeking to perform at the top of their game. We’re familiar with the challenges and opportunities in today’s economy and business world. Our clients rely on us for a full range of traditional accounting services as well as readily shared expertise, in the form of advice and sound, objective recommendations. 

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Our professionalism, integrity, and creativity have helped put our firm on the map. At Philip Ratté CPA, we understand the realities our clients face, the issues specific to their sectors, and business trends in general. 

Personalized services for SMBs, entrepreneurs & professionals


We have extensive experience in preparing income tax returns required upon death. Whether an estate is relatively straightforward or more complex, we can minimize the taxes due. The tax implications of death are multifold.

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At Philip Ratté CPA we place a great deal of importance on sound financial management, and on developing management and financial analysis tools that are right for your line of business.

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The field of tax accounting is becoming increasingly complex in Canada, Quebec, and elsewhere, and tax-related issues can impede your business development. Today’s companies know that they must take various aspects of the tax laws into account if they want to grow market share. 

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The environment that today’s small- and medium-sized companies operate in is characterized by globalized markets, fast-changing technology, heightened competition, and complex business networks—not to mention a mobile workforce and economic concentration. 

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