Assurance and Financial Accounting

At Philip Ratté CPA, we place a great deal of importance on sound financial management, and on developing management and financial analysis tools that are right for your line of business. Because your success is important to us, we focus on providing expert financial analysis and accounting advice tailored to your aspirations.

Our team of CPAs is made up of audit and accounting specialists ready to share their expertise and ensure you profit from their experience. Becoming a trusted partner for your organization is part of our game plan.


Your company’s financial statements provide key decision-making information for your senior executives as well as other users, including financial institutions, government entities, shareholders, creditors, and potential buyers. Whether you want to build market share or put your organization on firmer footing, your financial statements provide the opportunity to think strategically and objectively about your business strategy and your company’s future. 


When conducting full-scale audits, Philip Ratté CPA uses methodologies designed for small- and medium-sized businesses and organizations in the private, public, and broader public sectors. In addition, we evaluate their financial performance and provide recommendations when changes are warranted. Along with providing assurance on your financial statements, we make our multidisciplinary expertise available if you need input on other aspects of your business.


It is extremely important that your financial statements meet the standards that apply to review engagements, in order to avoid such untoward consequences as lost credibility with outside parties or difficulty obtaining financing.

Having Philip Ratté CPA review and sign your financial statements is an assurance of quality every time. 


Philip Ratté CPA can prepare your company’s financial statements using information you provide, without expressing an opinion as to the accuracy or completeness of that information.

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