Business Consulting

The environment in which today’s small- and medium-sized companies operate is characterized by globalized markets, fast-changing technology, heightened competition, and complex business networks – not to mention a mobile workforce and economic concentration.

Philip Ratté CPA recognizes the opportunities and challenges in this arena, particularly the importance of planning a business strategy and using a targeted management approach to ensure business success. We make the expertise and experience we have acquired by supporting and working closely with our clients available to you in the form of sound objective advice and recommendations.


Whether you intend to start your own company or buy a business, you’ll need to know your way around with respect to your tax obligations and tax return. Philip Ratté CPA can help you select the type of business that best conforms to your vision, help develop a business plan, and determine how to set up and register your company.  


When buying or selling a business, you’ll need to conduct a thorough analysis of the strategic sector, identify potential issues, establish preliminary contacts, and uncover business opportunities, just as you’ll also need to give some thought to accounting services and succession planning. Philip Ratté CPA has the expertise to support you throughout the business acquisition or sale process, helping you achieve your objectives. 


Determining a company’s baseline profitability is a critical step for any businessperson hoping to attract interest from investors, whether they are individuals, financial institutions, or public entities. Over the years, Philip Ratté CPA has acquired considerable financial accounting and tax accounting experience in the preparation of thorough, comprehensive profitability studies that have allowed our clients to build viable, vibrant concerns in a range of business sectors. 


The team at Philip Ratté CPA has the requisite accounting skills to meet your needs with respect to corporate financing or business restructuring. In addition to analyzing your long- and short-term financing needs to help you get new projects off the ground, our accountants can prepare projections and pro forma financial statements. Our clients can also count on our assistance when applying for loans at financial institutions. 


Today’s small- and medium-sized companies need enhanced strategic planning to deal with the fast-changing world of contemporary business. The strategy-savvy CPAs at Philip Ratté CPA can help you determine if your company’s structure, organization, and corporate governance will enable you to rise to the challenges posed by the economic and business environment in which you operate.

After analyzing your situation, we will recommend an accounting services scenario to help ensure your company’s growth and provide practical tools for your corporate governance and business strategy.


At Philip Ratté CPA, our expert accountants work closely with clients to assess the effectiveness and conformity of their internal control mechanisms with a view to improving their performance. In close cooperation with your management and accounting department, we can evaluate weaknesses within the organization and recommend solutions. We are also able to provide you with advice on how to capitalize on your strengths while reducing related costs. 


Philip Ratté CPA helps individual accounting services clients better assess their financial resources in order to increase the likelihood of achieving their personal financial goals. The birth of a child, loss of a job, start of a business or pre-retirement are just some of the events that require adjustments to your personal financial plans.

As specialists in accounting services and income tax preparation, we have the knowledge and skills to understand your situation and produce a plan that will help you attain your objectives. 


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