Accounting Careers

If you’re a tax specialist or accountant in the Gatineau area, the accounting firm of Philip Ratté CPA offers an environment where the emphasis is on client service, innovation, professional development, and employee satisfaction.

Our diverse client list gives our accounting services team members the opportunity to hone their expertise in a range of areas, including auditing financial statements, accounting, tax preparation, and other related activities.

Why choose Philip Ratté CPA?

If you’re looking for a career in accounting where you can put your university training to work, look to Philip Ratté CPA.

We believe in treating all our employees  even those just out of school  like professionals. As soon as you join our firm as a tax specialist or CPA, you are given full responsibility for case management.

If you want to work in an environment where you can develop your skills and push your limits, Philip Ratté CPA can satisfy your ambitions.

Our firm’s investment in employee development and coaching encourages team members to take on new challenges, put the latest training techniques to work, and share knowledge with one another. Newly certified CPAs work alongside seasoned colleagues in ad hoc work groups that are tasked with handling important files.

At Philip Ratté CPA, we put a premium on discussion and transparency. In fact, we’re convinced that an approach founded on values like respect, flexibility and professionalism is the pathway to success and satisfaction  for both our employees and our clients. 

Want to learn more? See our job openings or send your resumé to Philip Ratté, CPA Auditor.

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