Tax Accounting

The field of tax accounting is becoming increasingly complex in Canada, Quebec, and elsewhere, and tax-related issues can impede your business development. Today’s companies know that they must take various aspects of the tax laws into account if they want to grow market share.

At Philip Ratté CPA, our team of tax specialists can help you carry out high-level strategic planning that examines the financial situation of your company and its senior executives. We can also provide the representation you need when dealing with government authorities.


As a business owner, you know first-hand the substantial challenges that your company faces, from staying competitive to recruiting and retaining good employees. Philip Ratté CPA can play an instrumental role should you decide to restructure, or buy or sell a business.

Our experienced tax accounting specialists  who continually track the latest market trends and new tax strategies  can help reduce your tax burden and assist you in preparing your tax returns and information returns. 


Individual taxpayers, like business owners, seek ways to reduce their taxes and optimize their tax returns. At Philip Ratté CPA, our tax professionals have the knowledge and skills to help you identify solutions that fit your personal, family, and financial situation.

Our team knows how important a part retirement planning plays in tax accounting. They can help you develop strategies to ensure your peace of mind with regard to the years ahead. 


When it’s time to engage in estate or succession planning, you’ll need to understand the financial and tax consequences that your passing will have on your family or your business.

At Philip Ratté CPA, our business strategy consultants will help you review succession and estate planning issues, including:

  • Preparation of a will
  • Your life insurance needs
  • Ways to provide for your heirs
  • Your business succession plan, if applicable
  • Income tax consequences after your death
  • Best ways to minimize the tax burden for your heirs and beneficiaries 


The chartered professional accountants at Philip Ratté CPA have the expertise to  analyze your tax planning options and identify the most appropriate ones for you.

We can provide advice on numerous topics, including succession planning or how to buy or sell a business or merge or liquidate a company. We also possess expertise in such areas as corporate governance, the creation of equity incentive plans for senior employees, compensation, and taxation as it applies to matrimonial and foreign situations.


Errors committed in conjunction with GST, HST, and other taxes can prove costly for your company, in terms of both penalities and interest. The tax professionals at Philip Ratté CPA draw on their knowledge of tax laws and rates to ensure our clients avoid tax claims .

Our team diligently ensures that consumption tax management systems are compliant and that reports are produced and filed in a timely manner to avoid incurring penalities or interest payments. We also work to optimize claims for input tax credits.


Many small- and medium-sized companies develop new products or processes in order to become more competitive, improve their product offerings or reduce production costs. Some of these activities may be eligible for the Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program.   

At Philip Ratté CPA, we know how to make the most of the tax credits, subsidies, and venture capital or potential financing that may be available for your SR and ED activities. In addition, our accounting office can assist you in preparing projects that require a tax planning component and a realistic and thorough completion schedule.  

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